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That Value Analysis Was Developed Back In the 1940's After World War II as a Way to Find Lower Cost but Higher Quality Alternative products and methods. This was Due to the Lack of Material Resources At The End of The War.



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Lets face it, reducing supply chain expenditures beyond price initiatives is a VERY difficult challenge for supply chain managers and executives.  The money is hidden from your view (INVISIBLE) and it's not going to readily present itself to us.

Remember, costs (utilization and value mismatches) are always our enemy, we must always be on the attack!  We must always seek out new and innovative methods to UNCOVER and drive out these unwanted and unnecessary expenditures before they seriously damage our bottom line. 

Has Supply Chain Savings Run their Course?


Are There Still More Robust Savings Opportunities?

Robert T. Yokl - CEO and Chief Value Strategist

A question I am often asked by supply chain and financial professionals throughout our healthcare industry, "Is there still big savings to be achieved in the Healthcare Supply Chain?"   This is a great question given the maturity of our price and standardization strategies such as Group Purchasing and Value Analysis Teaming.   But there is a new area that has been left virtually untouched in our hospitals and health system's supply chain and that is Utilization Management.  And the savings is bigger than you would ever imagine!

Today we rely on our group purchasing organizations and value analysis teams to provide solid contracts as well as the value analysis teams to vet the new contracted products for cost savings and quality improvement.  But what happens beyond the process when we release these products to our customers, clinical and non-clinical, who then use these products, services and technologies in their real life environments. 

  • Wasteful Habits Form  (WASTE)
  • Unforeseen Over-Consumption Occurs (Over-Use)
  • Products are Used by the Wrong Customers (Over-Use)
  • Staff Stray from Policy and Procedures (WASTE)
  • Vendors Upsell Their Contracted Product Lines (Unnecessary Feature Build Ups)

This list could be endless, and the bottom line is that every one of these areas can dramatically effect the cost of your products, services and technology regardless of whether you have the best price or not. 

EXAMPLE - Validated Best Price on Exam Gloves - $0.03854 will reduce  costs by 12% overall from $236K annually by $28K in price and standardization savings.   But, new gloves result in waste and staff overuse, driving consumption levels up by 22% negating the price advantage and resulting in a 10% overspend which continues to grow because the hospital did not have a utilization system to alert them to this issue.  

In the example above, most hospitals would report the $28K in savings but due to issues with utilization, had not only achieved the savings reported but ended up losing an additional 10% or 22% overall waste and overuse.   This is happening with many of our products but we don't see this occuring because we don't have system in place to alert you to this happening---until today.

Utilizer Dashboard is our premier software/service program that will allow you to saving beyond price and capture all of your supply and purchase services savings opportunities.   Imagine, when your boss comes knocking in budget time looking for big savings and you can not only tell them how much but exactly where they can expect the savings can be achieved year in and year out.

What Makes Utilizer® and Our Approach So Different?

You may be able to generate total spend reports from your spend manager or purchasing system but you will quickly be overridden by the department head and manager who will tell you things like, our patient days were higher, our acuity was greater, we had unique cases in the OR, etc.   This will not happen with the Utilizer as we incorporate our unique process for bringing your Big Data together with key performance indicators to report true utilization cost that cannot be disputed by your customers and stakeholders, thus giving you a huge advantage that you have never had before!

Learn more about Utilizer® Dashboard Here or contact me directly (1-800-220-4274) for a FREE Test Drive of this Dynamic Software and Service solution.

The Good News for You!

There is an enhanced group of consulting and service offerings and supply savings software provided by Strategic Value Analysis in Healthcare that is specifically tailored towards creating big savings for your organization--BEYOND PRICE! (utilization and value mismatches)

These will clearly help you:

  • Determine WHERE Your Savings Opportunities Are Hidden

  • What Is the IMPACT On Your Bottom Line

  • What Are You Best Courses of ACTION to Drive Out These Savings

  • Align With Your Cost and Quality GOALS/OBJECTIVES

  • Establish Better Controls and Monitoring Systems that Enhance Your Internal Savings Systems

  • IMPROVE Quality and Patient Outcomes

  • Sustain Your Savings Over The Long Term


Ask About Our Performance Guarantee

All hospital consulting offerings come with up to a 10:1 Return on Investment GUARANTEE (starting at 3:1) that gives you the piece of mind that you not only will be finding big savings dollars in your supply chain but we must return a substantially high yield on the dollars you invest.  Or, it costs you nothing!

Realizing that it is very difficult to determine whether you are a candidate for big supply savings, Strategic Value Analysis in Healthcare is offering a FREE No Risk Supply Scorecard analysis to determine where your big opportunities are hidden in your supply chain. 


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